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Ever since I was a child in elementary school I’ve been enamored with characters, specifically

characters from cartoons. I would constantly draw them and sometimes even draw up my own characters. Little did I know it would all come full circle with me pursuing a career as a concept and character artist. My love for characters grew into an appreciation for not only the world those characters were in but also the process of creating said characters and the world they live in. Besides my love for characters, world-building, and storytelling; I create the art that I do because I enjoy it. My goal is to create art that gives me the same sense of happiness and wonder that the characters and worlds of the different media that I intake give me.

Out of all the different mediums an artist could choose from, I’ve settled on digital illustration

being the medium that I primarily work in. The program I use is called Clip Studio Paint and the best way I can describe it to someone who has never heard of it is to imagine Photoshop but specifically designed for illustrations and creating manga/comics. With this program, I use the same techniques used in the making of traditional paintings and drawings to create my artwork along with a multitude of tools that are specific to this medium. If I had to pinpoint one thing that stands out in my work (not including commissions and fan art) it would be my use of

colors; ever since I started creating digital illustrations I would always be drawn to using vibrant colors. With that said, besides being influenced by anime, manga, and other various media that I intake, I also have started to become interested in artists such as Takashi Murakami and You Jin whose use of shapes and colors motives me to push my own work.

My plan going forward is to find unique ways to “do my job” which is visual storytelling and

concept/character development. Lately, I’ve been taking the steps towards this by learning

about artists I usually wouldn’t look into, exposing myself to different local/international cultures through research and traveling, and experimenting with mediums I usually wouldn’t associate with the process of creating concept art.



For the BFA Show, I developed a story about a young woman as she comes to accept

 who she truly is.

To introduce the viewer to this original world and story I created an animatic teaser based on concept art and supporting illustrations. 

“On an island lives a girl named Haiju and she has had a love for exploration from the very moment she could walk. One day while exploring a cave the ground gives way and she finds herself in a cavern that holds a shrine with a mask at the center of it. Being the curious character she is she tries on the mask. After being struck with a wave of pain, she struggles but eventually gets the mask off. While trying to grasp what just happened, a spirit appears before her and reveals itself to be, Daiori, the guardian of the shrine. Soon afterward the spirit vanishes with no explanation of the events that just took place. Now lost and confused, Haiju must embark on a journey where she will have to face obstacles and creatures that each represent insecurity of hers. With each obstacle and creature she overcomes, she will be one step closer to meeting this mysterious spirit again and one step closer to knowing who she is as a child of the island.”


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